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PLC Course

PLC Course


Specializing in PLC and PC-based Control Systems
Specializing in SCADA and HMI Operator Stations
Specializing in MMI Operator Stations
The latest high tech diagnostic equipment & software.
PLC removal and re-installation services.
PLC Upgrade Services
PLC programming & installation
HMI design & programming
Factory authorized repair services for most branded PLC & Inverters.
Expert diagnosis and repair of older out of production PLC & Inverter models.
6 months warranty on all repaired products.
Typical 24 hour servicing time.
Best PLC & HMI Training Program in Bangladesh
20 years of experience in the Automation industry and embedded technology systems.
Microcontroller Training Program



. Describe functions and uses of PLC.
2. Develop PLC program for any industrial process
3. Modify existing PLC program for more logical use.
4. Select a proper PLC for a certain industrial plant.
5. Design/redesign the plant’s automation system using PLC.
6. Install PLC system in a process plant.
7. Maintain and troubleshoot the PLC system
8. PLC diagnostic for service
9. Profibus network monitoring
10. Profibus Management
11. CNC machining basic Concept
12. CNC machine Repair
13. CNC Machine Operation

Course Description:
Introduction to Automatic Control System. Control Action, Concept of PLC, Profibus, CANbus, DCS, SCADA control system. Hardware of PLC, Programming & troubleshooting of Siemens-Logo, S7-200, S7-300 and S7-1200 (Latest) . Omron, Mitsubishi, Allan Bradley, LG & Delta PLC Programming.

Course Materials:
Logo PLC Software                                                 
Siemens Microwin PLC Software                              
Ladsim Student Edition                                             
Lecture Sheet

PLC & HMI Training Course
This course will teach you the basics about PLC's, how they are constructed and used in industry, how to create Ladder programs, use Timers and handle Data etc. You will gain experience in using a PLC Support Tool, which allows you to write PLC programs on your PC. Learn to identify the different types of PLC and understand how the PLC works as opposed to a PC. Learn how to write small program routines in Ladder language, addressing of contacts and coils, understand how and when to use Timers, create latches and manipulate data values, which are all fundamental in any manufacturing process. Plus you will gain a basic understanding of the PLC numbering systems and how to convert numbers into the different formats that PLC's utilize.

Course Duration: 60 hour (4 hours per lecture, 12 hours per weeks)
Course Starts: Please Contact 01717232354
Course Fee: 10,000/= BDT
                     8,000/= BDT (For Students Only)

Contact:  01717232354 for more Details

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Engr. Khandaker Marsus

Address: Mirpur, Dhaka


E-mail: mail[1]

Cell: +8801717232354

Automation Software

Automation Software



LOGO, S7-200, S7-300, S7-400 and S7-1200 Software.

Step7 Micro/Win:

Use With: S7-200 PLCs

Step7 Lite:
Use With: S7-300 PLCs

Step 7 Professional Software:
Use With: S7-300, S7-400 and S7-1200 PLCs

LOGO Soft Demo Version:
Use With: LOGO Programmable Relays

Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) Software

RS Logix 5000:
Use With: CompactLogix and ControlLogix PACs

RSLogix Micro Starter Lite:
Use With: MicroLogix 1000 or 1100 PLCs

Connected Components Workbench:
Use With: Micro800 PLCs

Pico Soft:
Use With: Pico Programmable Relays

Schneider Software

Use With: Twido PLCs
Mitsubishi Software
A, Q, F, Alpha2, Melsec and FX software.

Use With: Alpha 2 Programmable Relay

GX Developer:

Use With: MELSEC QnA/QnAS/System Q and FX PLCs
iQ Works:
Includes Navigator, GX Wroks 2, MT Works 2 and GT Works3.
Use With: Q, F and L Series PLCs.


Velocio Software


Ace and Branch Software.
Use to program: Ace and Branch PLCs
Use to create Operator Controls for: Ace and Branch PLCs

Modicon Software

M340, Premium and Quantum Software.

Unity Pro:

Panasonic Software
FP-X, FP0R, FPe and FPΣ Software.

Use With: FP-X, FP0R, FPe and FPΣ PLCs

Use With: FP-C, FP-e, FP-M, FPΣ, FP-X, FP0, FP1, FP2, FP2SH, P3, FP5, FP10, FP10S, FP10SH
Restrictions: 200 – 1000 Steps depending on Device

KV and KV-300 Software.

KV Ladder Builder:
Use With: KV and KV-300 PLCs
Telemecanique Software
Zelio Software.
Zelio Soft:
Use With: Zelio Programmable Relays

Beckhoff Software

Beckhoff PC based PLC Software.

TwinCAT Software:
Use With: PCs

GE Software

Durus, 90-30, 90-70, VersaMax, RX3i, and RX7i Software.

Durus Software:

Use With: Durus Programmable Relays

Proficy Machine Edition:
Use With: 90-30, 90-70, VersaMax, RX3i, and RX7i
Automation Direct Software
Do More, Click, Direct Logic and Productivity 3000 Software.
Do More:
Use With: Do More PLC CPUs
Click Software:
Use With: Click PLCs


Direct Soft 100:
Use With: DirectLogic PLCs

Productivity Suite Programming Software:
Use With: Productivity3000 PACs
IDEC Software
Smart Relay and Microsmart Pentra Software.

Use With: Smart Relay Programmable Relays

Use With: Microsmart Pentra PLCs
Opto22 Software
Snap PAC Software.

PAC Control Basic:
Use With: Snap PACs

Omron Software

CJ1, CJ2, CP1, CPM, CQM1h and CS1 Software.
CX One:
Use With: CJ1, CJ2, CP1, CPM, CQM1H and CS1 PLCs
Check out our sister site PLCCompare to compare PLCs, PACs and Programmable Relays
Visit the CJ1, CJ2, CPM, CQM1H, CS1 and ZEN pages for detailed product information, brochures and pricing information.

VIPA Software

VIPA Software.
Use With: VIPA 100V, 200V, 300V 300S, 500S incl. SPEED-Bus modules and S7-300 controllers from Siemens.
Triangle Research International Software
Nano-10, FMD, F, E, H and M-series PLC software.



Use With: Nano-10, FMD, F, E, H and M-series PLCs.


SPLAT Software

HD8, MS120, MMi202, CC18, SL100, AC24 and UI420 Software.
Use With: All SPLAT Embedded PLCs, including HD8, MS120, MMi202, CC18, SL100, AC24 and UI420.
Smart Software Solutions
Smart Software Solutions Software.

CoDeSys Software:
Use With: These guys develop third party software for PLC manufacturers. Here’s a list of who uses them

LSIS Software

GLOFA-GM Software.

GMWIN Software:
Control Microsystems Software

SCADA Pack Software.

TelePACE Studio Evaluation Software:
Use With: SCADAPack PLCs

Teco Software

SG2 Software.
SG2 Software:
Use With: Click SG2 Programmable Relays
Unitronics Software
Jazz, M90 M91 and Vision Software.
Use With: Vision PLCs
Restrictions: Fully Version
U90 Ladder:
Use With: Jazz, M90 & M91 controllers


ABB Software

AC500 & S500 Software.
Use With: AC500 and S500 PLCs

Horner APG Software
ZN, XL, QX, RX, NX and Classic OCS Software.
Use With: All Horner APG controllers including ZN, XL, QX, RX, NX and Classic OCS

Crouzet Software

CD 12, CB 12, CD 20, CB 20, XD 10 and XD 26 software.
Crouzet Logic Software:
Use With: CD, CB and XD Programmable Relays.
Instructions: Select “English” and “Software” under Type. Check “CLSM3″. On the right side of the screen select download. They require filling out a form, then present a download link.
Xinje Software
XC1, XC3, XC5, XMP2 and XMP3 Software
Use With: XC1, XC3, XC5, XMP2 and XMP3 PLCs

Entertron Software

Smart-PAK, SK1600-RIC and Elite-2000 Software.
Use With:Smart-PAK, SK1600-RIC and Elite-2000 Embedded PLCs
Delta Electronics Software
DVP & DVP-PM Software.
Use With: Click DVP & DVP-PM PLCs
Link will take you to their main software page. You can select software based on your operating system.

Array Software

FAB, SR and APB Software.
Arrow Software:
Use With: FAB, SR and APB programmable relays
Note: Link takes you to a page where you can select the Arrow Software or Manuals you need.

Divelbiss Software

Versatile Base, Micro Bear, Harsh Environment Controller, Solves-it!, Enhanced Baby Bear, PCS Controllers, Universal Control Panels, Boss32, Boss Bear & Universal Machine Controllers Software.

EZ Ladder Demo:

Use With: All Divelbiss PLCs



Engr. Khandaker Marsus

Address: Mirpur, Dhaka


E-mail: mail[1]

Cell: +8801717232354


Network IP Camera

Network IP Camera




Leading Supplier of ip camera
IP Camera
The SNC-RZ25N provides selectable compression of bandwidth saving MPEG4 or industry standard JPG, 18X optical zoom, day/night capability, bi-directional audio capability on a fast and accurate pan/tilt base.
* All-In-One PTZ Network Camera Built-in Web Server – View and control using standard web browsers
Star Suppliervivotek ip camera
Vivotek IP Camera
Vivotek PTZ IP Camera. Image rotate function.
We are presenting a quality approved array of wired ip camera. The wired ip camera we offer is recommended all across the country for their availability in various specifications.
ip dome camera
* High resolution of: 600TV lines
* Min. illumination: 0.04Lux
* Lens Focal Length: (3mm)
ip surveillance dome cameras
We offer IP Surveillance Dome Cameras that allows secure transmission of data via computer network. These cameras make it easy to keep an eye on the premises from virtually anywhere. Capable of enhanced video motion detection and audio detection, they have advanced security and network management features. Our ass…
The IP camera offered by clear vision security system is known for its unique features that includes, built in web server. Embedded linux os and it has real time audio & video signals transmission. This camera also has support pan or tilt or zoom protocols and image size can be adjusted computer. It has digital se…
fisheye network camera 6mp hikvision
• 1/1.8” progressive scan CMOS
• 6 megapixel image sensor
• Up to 3072 × 2048 real-time streaming
• 360°view angle
• Multiple viewing modes
• Multiple ePTZ streams with preset and patrol functions
• Ceiling, Wall or Table mount modes
• Up to 15m IR range
• Built-in microphone & speaker
• Audio/Alarm I/O / RS485(-S model)
• IP66(-V model)
• IK10 vandal proof(-V model)
ip megapixel camera
* Onvif Embedded Dual Core 720p HD Resolution Sensor
* Gigabyte High Quality Pure Hardware Compression board
* Smart Night Vision IR cutter with Dual High Power Array Led
* 3 Megapixel CS Series of Lens for Excellent Image Quality
* Angle of View 30-40 meters ; IR Array up to 40 meters
* Auto white balance, Auto Gain and Shutter Control
* High quality Unique Fish design for Outdoor use
* IP66 Weather and Water Proof Metal Casing
ip cameras
We are a quality focused organization engaged in supplying high in class IP Cameras. With an aim to ensure the peerless standards of our offered IP cameras, we source these from the authentic vendors of the industry who manufacture these by utilizing high grade raw material.
* Easy installation
* Longer functional life
* Optimum performance
* Good resolution
* Perfect design
* Motorized Pan / Tilt / Zoom
* 2 way Audio Support
* User Selectable Compression
* Extreme low light sensitivity
* Codec MJPEG or…
ip camera cp bt20fl4
IP Camera CP-BT20FL4
H.264 2 Mega Pixel 40 Meters IP camera, 1600*1200 @ 15fps, 720P@30fps, 3.6-16mm mega-pixel ICR lens, 42 unit LEDs, IP66, H.264/MJPEG/MPEG4 compression, SD card backup, two way audio, mobile surveillance function, SDK, 16ch reocording s/w, external vari-focal lens adjustment, bracket, DC12V
ip fisheye 180 camera
We are well-renowned as an affluent entity, instrumental in offering an assorted range of IP Fisheye 180 Camera to our honored clients. The given IP Fisheye 180 Cameras are accurately made up by practiced people of the industry by utilizing latest tools & technology and performance oriented material to guarantee …
hikvision ip network box camera ds2cd864fe
This is a fast selling camera in Mumbai , India and a favourite of the Installers as its very economically priced and best suited for Rugged Indian indoor/Outdoor Conditions.
Main Features:
• 1/3’’ progressive scan CMOS
• Up to 1.3 megapixel resolution
• Full HD 960P real time video


ica 300 infra red cameras
ICA-300 Infra Red Cameras
To meet the feedback from market, Planet Technology is proudly to present our new 30-meter IR IP camera. The infrared camera ICA-300 is capable for zero-lux imaging and water-resistant construction with weatherproof solid housing. The ICA-300 is perfect for day and night outdoor surveillance applications where yo…
Being a customer focused organization, we are engaged in offering a wide gamut of IP Camera. These IP cameras are widely demanded by our valuable clients for their high quality focal lenses. All the cameras offered by us are developed and designed at our vendors base using high grade raw material.
Other inform…
ip network bullet camera
We are one of the leading traders and suppliers of high quality IP Network Bullet Camera. Our range is manufactured following industry standards and norms using high quality components. Our range includes high end functions and built in adaptive LED illumination that creates clear images in complete darkness.
IP camera is the abbreviated form of Internet Protocol Circuit Television. Basically, it means that there would be a wireless camera that would get the data transmitted through the connection of internet. It isthe best form of the traditional close circuit television and there are a lot of advantages over the ordinary cameras that is provided by it because of its wireless feature.
Specification: CPU Operation system Embedded Linux OS Microcomputer processor 32Bit RSIC Embedded Processor Video Compression format Motion – JPEG – N Signal system CMOS 300, …
mega pixel day night ip camera
Mega-Pixel Day & Night IP Camera
With the support of our professionals, we are capable in trading, distributing and supplying a valid range of Mega-Pixel Day & Night IP Camera. These are sourced by us from the certified vendors of the market who use optimum quality materials to design these cameras and modern technologies in compliance with the …
outdoor poe ir 50m day and night network camera
Outdoor Poe IR (50m) Day and Night Network Camera
In order to maintain the preset quality standards, we are offering a quality tested array of POE Outdoor Cameras. The POE Outdoor Cameras we offer is recommended by the clients for their availability in different sizes. Moreover, one can get these products in given time frame that too after testing their quality …
we are presenting a quality approved array of Wired IP Camera. The Wired IP Camera we offer is recommended all across the country for their availability in various specifications. Moreover, our products are sourced from leading manufacturers of the industry.
* Shear strength
* Precise design
* Fine finish
network ip outdoor zoom camera
The IRC-IP Series Is A Network Ip Outdoor Zoom Camera With Built-In Led Beamer And Ip67 Weather.
tyco american dynamics ip cctv cameras
Quality in means quality out. The only way to guarantee you will see a clear and accurate picture on your monitor is to start with a camera that is capable of feeding clear and accurate images into a video surveillance system. American Dynamics IP cameras that do exactly that, giving you the best quality images each and every time – from our Illustra Series with advanced functionality to the Illustra Flex Series providing high quality, high resolution cameras at more affordable prices. Both lines offer superior resolution and low light performance.
full ir bullet camera
wireless ip camera
The Foscam FI8906W Wireless IP Camera features high quality video, waterproof and weather proof outdoor housing, remote internet viewing, motion detection, night-vision as well as a built in network video recording system. This camera has 60 IR LEDs providing night vision visibility up to 30 meters. In addition, …
standalone ip cameras
We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality Standalone IP Cameras to our valued customers. These cameras are manufactured using quality tested raw materials, under the strict supervision of our team of experts. To ensure a flawless delivery our offered cameras undergo various quality chec…
Fire Equipment Engineers
An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Although most cameras that do this are webcams, the term “IP camera” …
An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is a type of digital video camera commonly employed for surveillance, and which unlike analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet.
There are two kinds of IP cameras:
* Centralized IP cameras, w…

We are among the reputed organizations, highly engaged in providing an optimum quality range of IP Camera (Wired And Wireless). Our offered camera is widely acknowledged among our clients owing to its high digital quality and simple installation features. The provided camera is precisely manufactured at vendor’s …


wired ip camera
To meet the needs and requirements of the clients, we are presenting a quality approved array of Wired IP Camera. The Wired IP Camera we offer is recommended all across the country for their availability in various specifications. Moreover, our products are sourced from leading manufacturers of the industry.
Product Features:
* High resolution and vivid image
* Minimum illumination: 0.1 Lux (F1.2, AGC ON) 0LUX with IR
* Support electronic switch day/night
* H.264 main profile compression
* Support SD card storage
* Support two-way audio
* Support Dual stream, WIFI
* Support Auto iris and…
To meet the diverse requirements of clients we are involved in offering IP Camera, used for produce images or recordings for surveillance purposes. Our offered product is available in various allied specifications to meet the maximum clients’ satisfaction. At vendor’s end, the offered cameras are precisely design…
ipc mount camera
IPC-Mount Camera
Product Details:
* 1.3 megapixel SONY progressive scan CCD
* Dual streaming support MJPEG and MPEG4
* Digital I/O: 1 IN, 1 OUT
* Support both 12 V DC and PoE
* Video motion detection reduces bandwidth and storage
* 3GPP/ISMA mobile application
* Privacy Mask
* Visual Automation
* Picture-in-picture (PiP) view
* Picture-and-picture (PnP) view
* Advanced detail monitoring
A network ip camera is a stand-alone device which allows a user to view live, full motion video from anywhere on a computer network, even over the internet, using a standard web-browser.
Until very recently, video security and surveillance was accomplished using closed circuit television o…
wireless network camera
ip address based network camera
* 1/4” C-Mos Colour Ccd
* Resolution 420Tvl
* 30Ir Led (Ir Range 30Mtrs)
* Lens 3.6Mm
* Video Range 20Mtrs
* 2.4 Ghz Wireless Ip Network
* Supports 32Gb Memory Card
* Mobile Phones Supported Andoris, Blackberry, Windows, Symbian, Iphone
ip network based surveillance
IP/Network Based Surveillance
The future truly is here with IP-based video surveillance. Using this technology, you can easily see the instant transmission of images anywhere in the world, including the ability to monitor multiple cameras from one remote location. This location can be one, ten, a thousand , or ten thousand miles away, it does…
plc ip camera
We are prominent and leading firm engaged in offering a wide range of PLC IP Camera. The PLC IP Camera we offer is used in various places for security and many more applications. This PLC IP Camera is easy to use and quality tested.
Specifications: Sensor 1/3″ CMOS Image 2 MP, full HD Max Resolution/ FPS 1920 X 1080/25 fps Min Illumination 0.2 Lux @ F1.2 (color) (0 Lux IR LED On) Day/ Night True Day/Night With ICR Filter IR LEDs 40-50 mtr Lens 6 mm fixed mega pixel IR coated Compression H.264, MJPEG Multi…
ip outdoor bullet camera
IP Bullet Camera
network ip camera
IP-Network Camera
* Weatherproof IR/Day and night IP Camera
* Lens: Board Lens 8mm/F2.0
* Water Resistance: IP66
* IR LED: ø 5X36PCS, IR Distance: 30M
* MPEG-4 Compression
* Dimension: 226(W)x83(H)x80(D)mm
Model AVI-VIS-5020 Image Sensor 1/3″SONY Horizontal Resolution 540 TV Line Pixels PAL: 752(H)x582(V) NTSC: 768(H)x494(V) Operate system Windows 2000/XP, Linux IR LED ø 5 x 36PCS IR Series Distance 30M
ptz network ip camera with ir
Being eminent suppliers and traders of high quality PTZ Network IP Camera with IR is possible due to our efficient workforce, which delivers the products to the clients in a timely and organized manner. Our cameras are designed by our skilled designers to suit the client’s expectations. They enable clear video …
We are proud to offer technological jewel in the form of IP Cameras, which is widely used in security and surveillance systems. The IP Camera offered by us, uses Internet Protocol to transmit image data and control signals over a Fast Ethernet link. This allows manger to keep tract of activity in his/her office from any corner of the globe. Apart from this, our IP Camera is also fitted with night vision technology that makes it the ultimate choice available in the market.
cctv system ip network cameras
Description : High speed PAN / TILT operation; PAN range 320 degrees, Speed 90 degrees per second; TILT range 60 degrees, Speed 90 degrees per second; Delivers Clear & Distinct Video
PAN range 320 degrees, Speed 90 degrees per second High speed PAN / TILT operation TILT range 60 degrees, Speed 9…

outdoor ip network cameras
Capture Outdoor IP Network Cameras With NVR
GXV3601 CCD IP Camera
The GXV3601 is a powerful network camera for professional surveillanceenvironments. Its unique incorporation of the most comprehensive peripheral support for alarm control, local storage expansion, and wireless network connection, creates sophisticated and best-in-class control flexibility and scalability.
* Cutting edge H.264 real-time video compression (D1 resolution) with excellent image clarity at low-to-modest bandwid
megapixel day night ip camera
Monitor your Home or Office, day and night using Cadyce CA-IP200MP which gives Mega-Pixel resolution.Complimentary camera management SecuGuard software monitors 64 cameras simultaneously.
• Mega-pixel resolution up to 1280×1024
• Up to 13-profile encoder simultaneously
• Mega-pixel or VGA mode sele…


ip robot ball camera
Entire range of these cameras are supplied in bulk, we are the whole sale supplier of IP Cameras in Northern Region. Internet Protocol Camera can receive and send data via computer/Laptop and internet network offered product like mobile phones etc. See more
* Dual stream encoding / H.264 comp…
ir cube network camera
We provide best quality IR Cube Network Camera to safeguard medium sized enterprises. This product is highly used in the offices, departmental stores, retailers’ shops and other commercial complex. The in-built detection sensor easily recognizes within a limited range. These can also be attached to the alarms and controlled through remotes. Our products are high-in-demand and reasonable in price.
Key Features:
* HD720p Video
* Up to 10m IR
* Support On-board Storage, up to 64GB
* Built-in…
cctv ip camera
Owing to the changing and growing needs of customers, we are known for providing a wide array of CCTV IP Camera. The CCTV IP Camera we offer is used for surveillance and many more applications. Besides these, the CCTV IP Camera we offer has clarity and long functional life.
* Clear images
* High resolution lenses
* Good quality


Our organization is known in the industry for catering a distinguished segment of IP Camera, procured from some famed vendors of the market. These cameras are designed using superior grade material with the help of advanced technology in compliance with set international quality standards at vendor’s end. In orde…
wireless network cameras
We are reckoned amongst the customers for offering wide range of Wireless Network Cameras. Our offered products are highly recommended amongst the patrons for their accuracy. These Wireless Network Cameras use the internet protocol to communicate live video across the network. We provide theses cameras at affordable rates and ensure effective performance.
* High resolution
* Low maintenance
MP4 Ipcam/CCD/PT/802.11g
H.264 IP Outdoor Dome Camera

ip series network dome system
Our company is renowned for the manufacture, supply and trade of premium quality IP Series Network Dome System. We manufacture these products from high grade materials using cutting-edge technology to ensure products that customers can trust and rely upon. All material used in the fabrication is acquired from rep…
Being a quality centric organization, we are able to offer our clients IP Camera with superior quality. Our offered cameras are manufactured with the help of superior quality factor inputs and sophisticated technology at our vendors’ end. Our offered cameras are available in different specifications as per the re…
With the advance technology, we are offering ultra modern IP Cameras to customers. These IP Cameras are known for their high performance and smooth functioning. The offered IP Cameras are extensively used in Home Security for surveillance. Our products are of standard quality and highly durable in nature.
d link cctv security surveillance ip camera
D-Link CCTV Security Surveillance IP Camera
Features: from mobile apps or mydlink com
* Wireless Connectivity – Cameras come with Wi-Fi so you don’t need to worry about messy wiring
* Compact Design – Fits in the smallest corners of your home
* Simple Setup – Ready to use in 3 simple steps
* Zero Configuration – Automatic configuration and ntelligent syncing of your camera to your
Intelligent IP Cameras Integrated with Access Control
* 1/3.2″ CMOS sensor
* 6 mm fixed lens
* H.264 compression, 1280 x 720 resolution
* Built-in microphone
* Motion detection
* IE Web server
* Optional PoE and Wi-Fi connectivity
* WDR function in MD470
i p camera
I.P Camera
IP security cameras and IP video servers are connected to an IP network using an Ethernet connection / CAT-5 cable. IP cameras and video servers have built in web servers so that the surveillance video that they transmit can be viewed directly from the camera over the Internet using a web browser, such as Intern…
ip security camera
What This Product Does?
The D-link DCs-930/930l is a cost-effective yet powerful security solution that connects to your ethernet or 802.11n wireless network to provide remote monitoring over the internet. The DCs-930/930l can record snapshots and video to a network storage drive constantly, according to a sch…
ip camera system
To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we are engaged in offering large range of IP Camera System. The offered IP Camera System is used for surveillance and many more purposes. Customers like our IP Camera System for their effectiveness. Besides these, we offer IP Camera System to our patrons as per the need of the application and for security.
* Quality tested
* Great output
* Top notch quality
ultra mini fixed dome network camera
Ultra-mini Fixed Dome Network Camera
Key Features :
* 1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor
* 30 fps @ 1280×800
* Real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Compression (Triple Codec)
* Built-in IEEE 802.3af Compliant PoE
* Built-in MicroSD/SDHC Card Slot for On-board Storage
* Compact and Stylish Design
ic 502w plus pan tilt h 264 wireless network camera
IC 502w Plus Pan/Tilt H.264 Wireless Network Camera
Being the reputed names in the industry, we deliver an exceptional array of IC 502w Plus Pan/Tilt H.264 Wireless Network Camera. Our entire product range is treasured among the clients for seamless finishing and is delivered with DI/DO for alarm detection/triggering. They are performance based and are delivered i…
ip pt cameras
We have established ourselves as a famous company that is involved in providing perfectly finished assortment of IP PT Cameras. The hassle free performance and excellent finishing of our IP PT Cameras is highly acclaimed among the customers. Effective usage and easy installation of these cameras make it priority of clients.
* Product Type: IP PT Camera
* Image Sensor: 1/4″ CMOS Sensor
* Lens: 3.6mm
* Brand: Magus
We are into offering a quality tested array of IP Camera. The IP Camera we offer is widely demanded by the clients for their wide uses. These products are suitable to meet the applications of various industries. Besides, we assure our clients that a quality tested array is delivered from our end.
* Great strength
* Unique quality
* Easy to install


An IP camera is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link. IP cameras (also called “network cameras”) are most often used for IP surveillance, a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV).
Benefits of IP camera over analog technology include:

wireless network cloud camera day night
Wireless Network Cloud Camera (Day/Night)
With the assistance of our highly qualified and experienced professionals, we are able to deliver a wide range of excellent quality of IP Cameras/Wireless Cameras/Network Cameras to our prestigious clients. These are highly secured and advanced cameras that can be easily fixed on the ceiling and provide excellent…
* Triple Streaming
* H.264 & MPEG4 & M-Jpeg Video Compression
* Digital Noise Reduction
* Privacy Mask
* Support AWB, AES, AGC and Fleckless Application
* Support Multi-Event Application
* Support Majority Network Protocol
* Support Two Way Audio
* Support Micro SD Card application (Class 6)
* Multi-Browser View
* Mobile Application (Android /IOS (iPhone, iPad)
• Support 3G(WCDMA), SD Card, UPNP
• Support H.264, MJPEG Compression
• Support G.711 Audio Compression
• Support Two Way Audio, External Audio Input, Output
• Support RTSP, VLC(PS/TS) Stream Media Protocol
• Free Management Software Support 1-100 Channels
• Multi-Level User Access With Password Protection
• Alarm I/O Support Motion Detection, Date, Time, Event Trigger
• Support WEB browser, Remote
There are two kinds of IP cameras:
* Centralized IP cameras, wh…
household ip camera
We offer high quality of Household IP Camera. These are made from high grade of material by using advance technology by help of our team of expertise. under the supervision of experts in compliance with the set international quality norms. Furthermore, we procure raw material from trustworthy vendors of the market.
We are engaged in supplying of optimum quality IP Cameras, which is widely used for home and business surveillance. These products have the facilities to watch and capture the live videos from any part of the world. Our available products are procured from the certified manufacturers and vendors to ensure that th…
We also offer an exclusive range of IP Cameras which is ideally suited to be used in home or office surveillance system. Our range can also be used in LAN homes or offices. We procure our range of camera from trusted vendors in the market. Our range of Camera’s is available in compact and sleek designs. We also…
network camera


ip camera nvr
IP Camera / NVR
Our clients can avail from us a range of Indoor IP & Outdoor ATC Cameras. These are procured from renowned manufacturers who use advanced production techniques and latest machinery in manufacturing these cameras. Our range helps our clients to monitor the movements inside particular premises and also to reduce cr…
* Excellent performance
* Smooth motion to all directions
* Available in different sizes, designs
ip hidden camera
IP & Hidden Camera
Product Features :- are looking queries from Pune region.
* Remote view of IP Camera from anywhere in the world
* Free SMS alert on motion detection.
* Iphone/Ipad , Android , Blackberry , Nokia , Symbian compatible.
* 300 degree PAN and 120 degree TILT
* IR lights for night vision upto 20 metres
* All browser compatible.
* Recording also available throug
networking ip cameras
Networking (IP) Cameras
high resolution 5 megapixel ip camera
Our customers swear by the effectiveness of our High Resolution 5 Megapixel Ip Camera. Owing to our client centric approach, we offer quality products at industry leading prices and ensure to deliver the ordered consignments within the stipulated time frame.
compact ip camera
We are engaged in offering Compact IP Camera.The Zavio F210A is an ultra-compact IP camera equipped with a high sensitivity progressive scan CMOS sensor, achieving image quality and low-light performance previously only seen in CCD cameras. Although one of the world’s smallest, it still possesses all the powerf…
ip or network cameras
We are actively engaged in providing IP Cameras to our clients at wide assortment. Our cameras are mostly utilized by our customers and cherished by our customers. They are highly appreciated for its attributes such as compact design, durability and long life service. We offer this IP Cameras to our honorable clients at affordable rate.




Engr. Khandaker Marsus

Address: 1012/1, East Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka

Cell: +8801717232354


CCTV Camera

 CCTV Camera


CCTV Camera

AS a leading manufacturer and exporter, we offer best quality CCTV Camera. We use high quality raw material to manufacture the offered range of CCTV cameras. Our cameras are used at several places wherein extensive security is needed. We offer this CCTV camera to our valuable clients at very affordable price.
S.No. Item Specification 1 Signal System PAL 2 Scanning System 2:1 Interlace 3 Scanning Frequency 15625 Hz, (H) 4 Scanning Frequency 50 Hz, (V) 5 Image Sensor 1/3 Type CCD 6 Sync Internal 7 Horizontal resolution 600 TVL …


Leading Supplierindoor cctv camera
Indoor CCTV Camera
We are persistently engaged in supplying a comprehensive range of Indoor CCTV Camera to vast number of clients. The offered closed-circuit television camera finds its usage in household, commercial areas as well as public places. These are basically used to monitor different ongoing activities, especially to have …
Sugam IT Services (P) Ltd.
Leading Supplierday night bullet cctv camera with fiber body
Day Night Bullet CCTV Camera with Fiber Body
Image Sensor 1/3″ High Sensitivity Sensor
Video Format PAL/NTSC
Resolution 600TVL
Mini Illumination 0.2Lux (IR OFF), 0Lux (IR ON)
S/N Ratio More than 52dB ( AGC OFF)
Electronic Shutter 1/50(60)~1/120, 000s
BLC Auto
White Balance ATW
D/N Auto
SYNC Mode Internal
Voltage DC12V
Lens 3.6mm/6mm
IR Range 20m
Weatherproof Standard IP66
Leading Supplierbrand avtech kpc series cctv
Brand – AVTECH KPC Series – CCTV
Exporters of House
CCTV & Camera
We are reckoned amongst the trusted manufacturers of CCTV. These are highly useful for deterrence, detection, response and provision of evidence to ensure greater level of security. CCTV technology and equipment are abundantly used in both internal and external surroundings to adherent check the safety of our clients’ families, vehicles and valuables.
Leading Suppliersubminiature cameras mu9pc mbrd
Subminiature Cameras – MU9PC_MBRD
Micro Board Level 5M Color CMOS Camera with USB 2.0 Interface.
Specification Resolution 5M 2592×1944 pixels Sensor type CMOS RGB Bayer Matrix Sensor model APTINA MT9P031 Sensor size 1/2.5 Sensor active area 5.7 x 4.28 Dynamic range ~ 70dB Signal to noise ratio ~ 38dB Image data interface USB 2.0 Data I/O GPIO 2IN, 1OUT Power requirements 5V USB Weight 1.5g Dimensions WxHxD 15x15x3 mm Customs tariff code 8525 80 30 ECCN EAR99
Leading Supplierir dome camera
IR Dome Camera
Being one of the trusted names in the industry, we have come up with Dome Camera for our esteemed customers. The offered cameras are excellent solutions for various surveillance needs and are much appreciated for their hassle-free installation. With their high resolution recording and multiple setting options, the…
Leading Supplierspy cctv mirror camera
Spy CCTV Mirror Camera
Our range of CCTV Cameras is consists of some highly innovative and innocuous cameras such as Spy CCTV Mirror Camera that is discreetly concealed spy camera behind the mirror glass. It incorporates 1/3 inch SONY color camera that captures crystal clear video images. It uses same technology that is employed in bank…
Leading Supplierir cameras
IR Cameras
We are one of the leading names offering Infrared Security Cameras designed by recognized manufacturers of India. These are equipped with strong sensors and work using infrared technology. The sensors find out the change in light and automatically adjust to night mode. Further, our range is highly efficient and can be operated in low light or no light at all.
Leading Supplierautomatic number plate recognition
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) They are used by various police forces and as a method of electronic toll collection on pay-per-use roads and cataloging the movements of traffic or individuals. ANPR can be used to store the images captured by the cameras as well as the text from the license plate, with …
Leading Supplierexplosive housing society cctv camera
Explosive Housing Society CCTV Camera
Product Description :-We deal in the wholesale of colour and black & white CCTV Cameras, Explosive Housing CCTV Camera is a kind of pan-tilt camera, which provides a better surveillance as compared to immovable security cameras. This pan-tilt security camera provides high …
CCTV Camera (Dome, IR)
Product Description :-We are engaged in manufacturing a comprehensive range of Resolution Bullet Camera, which are used in varied industries. These products are manufactured using advanced methodologies under the presence of our experts. We offer these products at affordable prices and these products are easily available in domestic as well as international market. These products have minimum illumination up to 0.005lux and have pinhole lenses, which are super-cone, flat…

Leading Supplierbox cameras
Box Cameras
* 1/3″ Color CCD Image Sensor
* Super High 480TVLine Resolution
* Digitally Wide Dynamic Range(D-WDR)
* Super Extra Noise Reduction(2-DNR) to Save the HDD Storage
* Support Customization Area for BLC & HSBLC
* Mirror + Parking Guidance for Automobile Application
* Low illumination 0.5Lux @ Color, 0.05 @ B/W at F1.2 with noise free image Capture
* Programmable Shutter & Exposure Mode Auto, Flicker,
Leading Supplierir cctv camera
IR CCTV Camera
In order to meet the diverse preferences of the valuable customers, we are bringing forth IR CCTV Camera. Our products are made from fine quality material sourced from reputed vendors. These products are manufactured under the strict supervision of our professionals. We also provide customization of these product…
Leading Suppliercctv camera and dvr
CCTV Camera and DVR
Please Confirm Your Requirement For Price Quote, ashtra)
For Quick Survey and Installation at Site Please Contact Us,
Star Supplierday night dome cameras
Day Night Dome Cameras
We bring to you an extensive variety of Day-Night Cameras to address your security needs. We have employed the most advanced techniques to develop these innovative cameras that are high on performance. The Day-Night Cameras are available with different features and come in the KPC133A 14 LED, KPC133B 21 LED and K…
Star Suppliercctv cameras
CCTV Cameras
We offer CCTV Cameras / Security Camera that can work in PAL/CCIR NTSC/EIA varieties. Having effective pixel rate of 500*582 (PAL), these feature IR distance from 8 to 10 meters.
Pickup Device: 1/3″ Sony CCD
Effective pixels: PAL: 500*582
Scanning frequency:…
Star Supplierclosed circuit television cctv products
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Products
Bartech Systems is providing complete automation solution like CCTV products, closed circuit television accessories, point of sales solutions(pos) for retail outlets, food courts, resturants, hotels, super market, hyper markets, specialty retail, convenience stores etc.
Star Suppliersno 7080r cctv camera
SNO-7080R CCTV Camera
Technical Specification.:
1.Ethernet : RJ-45 (10/100BASE-T)
2.Video Compression Format : H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG
3.Resolution : 1280 x 1024, 1280 x 720P (HD), 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 3.
Max Frame rate : 22fps (1280 x 1024), 30fps (720P HD)
3.Video Quality Adjustment H-264 MPEG : H.264, MPEG-4: Compression level,
4.Target bitrate level control
5.Video Quality Adjustment MJPEG : MJPEG: Quality level control
Star Suppliercctv bullet camera
CCTV Bullet Camera
Angle of view: 73.1° (3.6 mm) or it is work in both Day& Night with I@ F2.3 (2.8mm, 6 mm optional)R cut filter with auto switch and Video Output: 1Vp-p Composite Output (75Ω/BNC) or it Suppling power :12 V DC±10% or it also having a IR Range: Approx upto 10 to 20 meters Features • 1/3′ PICADIS
• 1.3 Megapixel sensor
• 720TVL high resolution
• Up to 20m IR range
• IP66 rating
• Smart IR.
Star Supplierpin hole camera
Pin Hole Camera
We provide Pin Hole Camera.
* 1/3” Inch Sony CCD.
* Super Miniature Size.
* Suitable for ATM Machines. 12 Volt DC operation.
* AGC Automatic.Auto White Balance Automatic.
Star Supplierip camera
IP Camera
With the advent of globalization and liberalization, many companies are coming up with multiple offices in different states or even in different countries. Thus requirement has arisen for them to view multiple offices at one location. IP based CCTV system offered by us is the answer for the same. There are two ways of designing such a system: 1.System based on IP cameras 2.System based on IP enabled DVRs.


Star Supplierc mount camera
C Mount Camera
We supply an exclusive range of C-mount cameras, that are available in various features like manual focus and an integrated adjustable iris diaphragm. Easy to mount, these CCTV camera system, color CCTV camera, are suitable to be used in big shopping stores, big size hall or departmental stores. Our range of cameras are available with pan, tilt, zoom features and in different specifications.


Star Suppliercctv camera
Star Supplierclosed circuit television
Closed Circuit Television
We offer closed circuit televisions that are known for its optimum performance and reliability. Our closed circuit television is widely used for security purpose for both commercial and domestic establishments like retail shops, banks, casinos, malls, condos, government establishments, home security, etc. The CCT…
We offer a wide range of C Mount Camera. The advantage to a C Mount Camera is that the lens can be changed. C-Mount lenses are available from 4mm to 100mm. A 4mm lens provides facial detail and a 70 degree angle of view focused up to about 35 ft. An example of where you might use a fixed 4mm lens is in a small office, or at home to focus on your driveway. The flange back distance is the distance from the flange of the lens (beginning of the lens mount) to the focal plane.
Specifications: Model PC-403SHQ1 Image Sensor 1/3″SONY …
Star Supplierbox camera
Box Camera
Samsung Box Camera
Star Suppliercs mount camera
CS Mount Camera
We offer CS Mount Camera.
Features of CS Mount Camera :
* Compact design
* 1/3” sony CCD
* Minimum illumination: 0. 1lux/f1. 2 (0 lux with IR)
* Auto white balance, auto gain control, electronic shutter control and backlight compensation
* Internal synchronization
* Weather proof: ip66 standard specifications
Star Supplierptz dome camera
PTZ Dome Camera
PTZ dome camera.


We are among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of premium quality CCTV Camera. Offered cameras are manufactured under strict guidance using high quality raw materials that are sourced from trustworthy vendors. These CCTV cameras are easy to install and appreciated around the globe for their compact design, high resolution and cost-effectiveness.
* Easy to install
* High resolution
Star Suppliercctv camera security systems
CCTV Camera & Security Systems
Available with us is a wide gamut of CCTV Camera & Security Systems for our customers. These are widely used for security purposes and to monitor different places. The range of our cameras and security systems finds its applications at temples, church, mosque, gardens, markets, shopping malls, all type of offices…
We are involved in offering CCTV Camera with built-in 24 infra-red LEDs. Our vendors professionals design these products to provide high quality monochrome images in low or no light condition. The products are procured from authorized vendors by our sourcing agents. To suit the varied demands of the clients, we offer these product in various colours, designs and specifications.
* Good quality image
* Reliability
* Cost-effective
Star Supplier1 3 color sony dsp super had ccd
1/3 Color Sony DSP Super Had CCD
Welcome to our fascinating gallery of color board cameras, which exhibits the magical blend of sophisticated technology and innovation simultaneously. Most popular in international arena for impeccable quality and superior function, our color board cameras are developed in a variety of sizes to suit with the diff…
Star Suppliermulti mode single mode fiber optic ptz domes
Multi-Mode & Single Mode Fiber Optic PTZ Domes
* High-precision for metal housing, more safe and reliable
* Super anti-jamming, overcome electromagnetism-jamming, radio frequency and ground electricity effectively
* Proportional high-speed pan/tilt and automatic flip
* Housing features built-in non-volatile memory for automati…
Star Supplierip cam viewer
IP Cam Viewer
We offer a wide range of CCTV surveillance cameras to our clients. These are made with the best quality material and high resolution lenses for optimum clarity. These are widely used for security purposes in high sensitive areas within corporate, government offices and in commercial shops and establishments. These also find wide use in military establishments, airports and banks where sensitive information or valuable financial transactions take place.
Star Suppliercctv ir camera
CCTV IR Camera
Bullet IR camera (ZB-3070IR)
• Enhanced IR performance with 36 pcs. 850 nm / ø5 mm LED
• Effective Range up to 30-35 Mts.
• Precision Day Night Controller circuit contributes to the wonderful image of Camera both day and night separately.
• Weather proof IP66 airproof Aluminum alloy Shell.
Specification: Model ZB-3054IR ZB-3070IR(High Resolution) Image Device 1/3” Sony Super HAD CCD Picture
Star Suppliercctv camera hc dm30vfl3
CCTV Camera – HC-DM30VFL3
1/3″ High Definition Image Sensor 600 TVL High Resolution Camera 0.01 lux @ F1.2 4 ~ 9 mm Lens IR Range of 20 mtr with 22 LEDs AES, AGC, AWB, BLC CE & FCC Certified 12V DC ± 10%
Specifications Image Sensor 1/3″ High Definition Image Sensor Resolution 600TVL Min. Illumination 0.01 lux @ F1.2 Lens 4 ~ 9 mm Lens Pixels PAL:752(H)x582(V) NTSC:768(H)x494(V) S/N Ratio More than 50 dB Electronic Shutter 1/50(1/60)-1/100, 000sec Flickerless Mode Electrical Iris Control Auto IRIS and Manual IRIS Gamma Correction 0.45…
One of the best model of CCTV Cameras available in the market. This model of CCTV Camera has 3.6 mega pixel camera which provides pictures of good quality. This model is available in very low price which adds value in your business by providing you security in low rates. This model is useful for shops, showrooms, small businesses, etc. This model is durable and has no technical problem in its functioning.
Star Suppliercctv speed dome camera
CCTV Speed Dome Camera
The excellent image quality and its capability to the recording in fasd for outdoor surveillance.t motion help in ensuring security.
* Advanced Ex View HAD CCD
* High -resolution up to 540 TVL
* Double Metal Housing
* weatherproof Rated
* Day /Night function
* Electronic flipping a…
security cctv cameras
Our company offers a wide range of CCTV (Close Circuit Television Systems) that is widely demanded in various industries. Security CCTV Cameras are considered to be the most efficient method of reducing crime. We have an immense experience in designing and installing single camera to multiple sites, multiple camera systems incorporating hundreds of camera.
cctv dome camera
With the aid of our vendor’s technologically advanced manufacturing unit, we are able to provide our clients a wide array of CCTV Dome Camera. Its integrated optical lens gasket eliminates infrared bleed and helps to provide a clear night time image. The offered CCTV is delivered to our clients only after its p…
tyco american dynamics analog cctv cameras
American Dynamics analog cameras give you clear and accurate images. Our cameras provide a cost effective solution for anyone requiring analog camera surveillance. With easy mounting options, several models andconfigurations to choose from, and powerful features, our cameras help meet your most demanding surveillance needs. From our Discover 200 to the 700 Series, models include mini-domes, bullet, box and PTZ. American Dynamics offers a broad range of box camera lenses to meet the most demanding surveillance applications.
* PTZ Dome Cameras
* Discover…
cctv surveillance
outdoor bullet cctv camera
Our organization is instrumental in the manufacturing, trading, supplying and wholesaling of premium quality Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera. These cameras are precisely manufactured in accordance with the industry laid parameters using best quality raw material that is sourced from authentic vendors. Offered cameras …
cctv dvr
Our premium quality service of CCTV & DVR has attained immense support and acclamation from the customers. It is owing to its supreme quality viewing and reliable performance in today’s generation. These act as the best solution and effectively cater to the high expectations of the clients in terms of security …

indoor megapixel camera
· Panasonic 1/3″ HD DIS 850TVL High Resolution Sensor
· Gigabyte High Quality PCB Circuit Board for Longer Life
· Smart Night Vision IR cutter with Dot Matrix Array Led
· 1.3 Megapixel Series of Lens for Excellent Image Quality
· View of Lens upto 15-20 meters ; IR Array upto 20 meters
· Auto white balance, Auto Gain and Shutter Control
· Compact High quality structure design for Indoor use
· Color: White
We Are The Leading Manufacturer
box cctv camera
Our company specializes in trading and supplying a qualitative range of Box CCTV Camera. Our offered range of cameras finds application in buildings, public places and corporate & government offices. Our vendors design and manufacture these products using advance technology in compliance with set industry norms.<…
honeywell dome c mount camera
Honeywell Dome/C-Mount Camera
Counted among the well-known organizations, we are engaged in supplying, trading and distributing an exclusive range of Honeywell (C-Mount Camera). Known for its, excellent performance and durability, these products are intricately designed by our certified vendors using quality raw material. Varied quality tests…


security camera
With the usage of advanced technology and innovative machines & tools, we offer an optimum quality Security Camera to our clients. In the production process, our offered range of cameras is manufactured using high quality factor inputs under the supervision of experienced professionals. Having developed in compre…
dome camera
Dome Camera::
* 1/3″ High Quality Image Sensor
* 650 TVL High Resolution Camera
* 0.1 lux @ F1.2
* 3.6 mm Fixed Lens
* AGC, AWB and BLC
* CE, FCC and RoHS Certified
Being customers based firm, we are engaged in offering wide range of CCTV Cameras. Our products are used for surveillance and many more purposes in various places. Our CCTV systems are based on an open architecture and are available in stand-alone version or fully integrated into our supervision systems.
We Safe Gen Technologies offer quality Safety and Security Products including CCTV cameras, DVRs, Accessories with good installation facilities. We undertake on site service call for the existing cameras.
cctv security cameras
Our customers can avail from us wide range of CCTV Security Cameras that is procured from authentic sources of the industry. We offer high performance CCTV security cameras, which is the most effective method of reducing crime. These high definition cameras are available with different mega pixels.
* High definition
* Different mega pixels
cctv surveillance camera
CCTV & Surveillance is usually used in areas where there is an increased need for security, such as banks, airports and town centers. These can be astonishingly helpful and can pin point of fact in a number of events still grab hold of them in advance as these are quite clear in avoiding theft and further offense…
Video system used for monitoring areas and/or activities for security, safety, industrial or private purposes can range in size from being within a single building to a complex & buildings, to large campuses and City centers or can even span across a continent. The images can be viewed live or recorded and viewed…
We are into offering our clients quality assured range of CCTV Camera. Our entire product range is durable in nature and requires minimum maintenance.
digital cctv camera
Being a quality-oriented organization, we are engaged in providing a wide array of Digital CCTV Camera. These camera are generally worn by workers at construction sites in order to protect themselves from erratic weather conditions. These suits are available in various sizes and with excellent stitching & finish, …
speed dome cameras
With the assistance of our team of professionals, we are capable of trading and supplying the highly secured range of Speed Dome Cameras. This camera is known for high scanning, high resolution, excellent focusing, zoom and many more excellent features. Our speed dome cameras are easy to mount on a simple manuall…
We are the leading supplier of CCTV camera all over West Bengal
cctv camera for surveillance
Offering a wide range of CCTV Camera for Surveillance to our valuable clients. These are made from high quality raw material.These are made using optimum quality raw material and latest technology systems, which ensures that they are durable, efficient in performance, require low maintenance and runs for long time.
Available in different shapes and sizesOptimum qualityLow consumption of power
ip surveillance dome cameras
We offer IP Surveillance Dome Cameras that allows secure transmission of data via computer network. These cameras make it easy to keep an eye on the premises from virtually anywhere. Capable of enhanced video motion detection and audio detection, they have advanced security and network management features. Our as…
weatherproof security cameras
Being quality conscious organization we are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Weatherproof Security Cameras. Our products are made using best material and latest technology by our highly skilled professionals. These can be placed outside the homes, buildings as these are weatherproof. Moreover, we also assure to deliver a defect free range of our products in a fixed time frame.
* Less maintenance cost
* Excellent quality
* East to use
cctv camera for malls
We are also engaged in CCTV Camera for Malls which we are given to our esteemed client. These CCTV camera is very essential for malls or shopping department. Following are the products include in this are:
* CCTV Dome Camera
* CCTV Surveillance Camera
outdoor ir cctv camera
Model No.
ADI-433D more…
cctv surveillance systems
We offers the most comprehensive range of products and solutions in CCTV surveillance systems. We offer branded CCTV & DVRs for all types of indoor and outdoor applications.
cctv fire safety systems
CCTV & Fire Safety Systems
Sensors and integration with lighting control systems help achieve great security. Surveillance systems helps you monitor your home and gives you total safety and peace of mind.
cctv camera for security purpose
We are highly engaged in providing excellent quality CCTV Camera for Security Purpose. The offered range is designed by our professionals using excellent quality material and advanced technology as per set industry norms.
* Easy to use
* High video quality
* Elegant design
* Sizes: 319W X 89 H X 83 D mm
* Range: 42 pcs 40 M IR
We are one of the foremost dealers and suppliers of exclusively designed Box Camera, manufactured by the specialists unit, who use qualitative factor inputs. Our delivered products are widely appreciated for precision, permanence, cost-effectiveness and flexibility in Pune .


security systems
We are the Leading security systems manufacturers.
ip 37 30 x hsd cctv cameras
IP 37-30 x HSD CCTV Cameras
Recognized for being one of the best providing in Security Services, we are able to supply our range of best quality IP 37-30X HSD CCTV Camera. Our IP 37-30X HSD CCTV Camera is a High Speed Dome (HSD) which has capacity to capture high resolution video and sharp footage. Our IP 37-30X HSD CCTV Camera can be easil…
ip ir camera outdoor hd sdi camera
IP IR Camera Outdoor / Hd – Sdi Camera
MX IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network. Digitization offers a number of benefits over traditional analog CCTV, including: Improved search capability. Better quality images and no degradation of content over time. The ability to compress c…
closed circuit television camera
We integrate our vast industry experience to fabricate the unique range of Closed Circuit Television Camera, which is fully automated. These are produced as per the specific requisites of our clients in various ranges like Dome, IR, BOX, Night Vision, Day Night, PTZ and many more. Our exclusive range is delivered at the competitive prices in various parts of the world.
Leveraging on our vast industry information, we have emerged as distributer, trader, importer and supplier of excellent quality of CCTV Camera. These are designed by best & durable material under the observation of practiced people who have rich experience in this domain. The offered CCTV cameras are widely deman…
night vision camera
We are engaged in the trade, supply, wholesale and import of Night Vision Camera that is CE, FCC and RoHS certified. Lightweight and easy to install, the proposed collection of cameras is extremely popular among our valued clients. These night vision cameras are equipped with automatic adjustments to image parts, …
outdoor camera
We introduce ourselves as an eminent organization, engaged in offering excellent quality Outdoor Camera. These CCTV are manufactured using the best quality raw materials and ultra-modern technology under the supervision of vendor’s skilled technocrats. The offered CCTV are also tested on various quality paramet…

cctv demo camera
Quality being the prime concern, we offer an extensive array of CCTV Demo Camera that have high resolution and ensures easy installation. We offer them in varied technical specifications and are offered in varied pixel capacities. They are easy to use and ensure high strength. Moreover, we offer them in well-defined time.
* Large lens for greater distance
* General monitoring
* For use where light is unavailable
analog cctv camera
We are offering a wide range of Analog CCTV Camera. We offer awesome quality of analog CCTV cameras which are widely appreciated by our customer for their unique design and superior performance. Furthermore, these consume least amount of power and require least maintenance. In addition to this, these are available in many specifications as per customer choices. Apart from this, these are available at pocket friendly prices.
* Clear images
* Compact sizes
* Long lasting
cctv camera for commercial purpose
We are offering wide range of CCTV Camera for Commercial Purpose.
Following are the CCTV Camera for Commercial Purpose offered by us:
* CCTV Camera more…
metal body cctv camera
Owing to our expertise in this domain, we have been able to trade and supply our clients a broad spectrum of Metal Body CCTV Camera SP. These are manufactured under the supervision of our vendors’ highly knowledgeable professionals using optimal grade raw material as per the defined industry standards. Availabl…
cctv camera access control
CCTV Camera & Access Control
With our in-depth knowledge and experience of this field, we are offering a quality proven gamut of CCTV Camera & Access Control. Designed by professionals using advanced technology in adherence with set industrial norms at vendors’ end, these cameras provide staff surveillance and access control surveillance. …


zoom camera
* 1/4″ SONY Interline Transfer Super HAD-II CCD
* 36 x optical zoom more…
Available with us is a remarkable range of Day Night Dome Cameras. These are made employing latest machines and technology in sync with international norms. The products we offer are extensively used for monitoring purposes in various malls, banks, MNCs and institutes. All our products are widely applauded by the patrons for their reliability, low maintenance cost and excellent performance. Clients can avail these cameras from us three series including KPC133A 14 LED, KPC133B 21 LED and KPC133C 21 LED.
Model Number Features KPC133A 14…
integrated positioning system
Indoor/ outdoor operation, offering extra protection from adverse environmental conditions. Redi link quick connect features. Delrin warm fear drives.
With the aid of cutting-edge machinery, we have been able to offer unmatched quality CCTV Camera to our valuable customers. These Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are widely used for surveillance and monitoring applications. Owing to their optimum resolution, finest quality lens and user-friendly operatio…
* 1/3.2″ 2MP progressive scan CMOS sensor
* 3.6~16 mm Vari-focal, DC Auto-iris Lens more…
Our company specializes in offering qualitative range of CCTV Bullet Camera. Our professionals employ high intentions, skillful direction and efficient execution to produce qualitative range of products. The products offered by us are manufactured using excellent quality raw material, advanced machinery and technology. Client appreciate these products due to its features like image sensor, inbuilt TV system, high resolution, inbuilt synchronization and high focal length.
We providing all kind of CCTV cameras to our reputed clients. We have cameras for all purposes and to cover all areas of different distances
600 tvl ir dome
600 TVL Ir Dome Camera
1/3′ Super HAD CCD
3.6mm/0.1 Lux @ F1.2
Built in IR LED And Sensor
IR Cut filter






Engr. Khandaker Marsus

Address: 1012/1, East Shewrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka

Cell: +8801717232354




PLC SCADA DCS Training Course Online

LIVE e-Learning Classroom PLC Training

Get your training live over the Internet using the proven technology of Cisco WebEx Training Center. Our instructor leads an interactive class online 8 hours per day. It is identical to our hands-on classroom training. The student has full use of the automation software and our training workstations over the Internet, just like you would in a classroom environment. It’s the next best thing to being there

Benefits of our LIVE e-Learning Classroom PLC Training
Use software like RSLogix, Step 7 and Wonderware without having to buy your own copy

No travel as the class is presented over your own high speed Internet connection.

LIVE e-Learning means you still get an experienced instructor leading you through the class and being there to answer your questions.

LIVE hands-on labs using our training simulators.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 4:30 p.m. EST we give a live demo. Sign up and take a test drive.
Check our schedule for online classes and dates


Industry Approved Certified Training
ONLINE PLC & SCADA courses available to EVERYONE worldwide

Our online training is used and approved by major companies worldwide. Improve or refresh your KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS today.

Affordable Prices
Scantime provide professional Accredited PLC & SCADA training courses at an affordable price with courses starting from as little as £39.95 approx. $68 USD. See below.

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About Our Online Courses

Our PLC & SCADA E-Learning Courses have been running since 2003 and are the ideal way for ANYONE to gain recognised skills for PLC & SCADA programming/engineering.

All of our E-courses are based upon industry standards and are Industry Approved, with certificates supplied upon completion of every course.

Being a PLC trained engineer is a skilled and responsible position. Programming errors caused by an engineer with low skill levels when working on a PLC and SCADA system may result: Loss of production, damage to the manufacturing process, reduction in efficiency and can also affect safety integrity. Any of these can result in huge financial losses to a company. Scantime’s PLC & SCADA online courses not only teach you the PLC basics, which every programmer is required to learn. More importantly, Scantime will teach you how to write control routines and programs to an industrial standard.

Scantime is not only a training company, we also have a design Engineering Department, staffed by professional engineers who design, develop and install PLC, HMI & SCADA control systems. We also provide a trouble shooting service to recover failed manufacturing processes.

All course students on our E-Leaning Courses are assisted throughout the training by help and guidance from a course tutor who will check and mark your course work and explain in detail how the students programs would work or fail.

Scantime will help you to a more secure professional career.

Where To Begin?
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Allen Bradley Programming Level 1&2:

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Introduction to PLCs:
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PLC Programming Level 1:
Note: This course is part of the PLC Programming Series and includes Introduction to PLCs FREE!
These courses are for engineers with a basic understanding of PLCs or have completed our PLC Programming Level 1 and wish to learn programming to an industrial standard for maintenance and control engineering.

PLC Programming Level 2:

Siemens S7-300 & STEP7 Programming Level 1:

Allen Bradley Programming Level 1:

Siemens LOGO Programming:

SCADA Programming Level 1:
These courses are for engineers who wish to gain a greater understanding of PLCs and SCADA programming.

PLC Programming Level 3:

Siemens S7-300 & STEP7 Programming Level 2:

Allen Bradley Programming Level 2:

SCADA Programming Level 2:



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KUET Admission Test Result, Info, Notice |

KUET Admission Test Result, Info, Notice



B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate) Admission Test 2014-2015 Notice/Circular | KUET


Admission Notice/Circular of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015 has been published here. To see notice click here.


In 2013,

Requirements for Admission:


  • Candidate must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • Candidate must pass the HSC or equivalent examination in the year 2014 or obtained ‘A’ level after November, 2012.
  • Candidate must obtain at least GPA 4.0 out of 5.00 in SSC or equivalent examination from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education/Madrasha Education Board/Technical Educational Board in Bangladesh or obtain equivalent grade in equivalent examination.
  • Candidate must obtain total GP 18.0 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English in HSC or equivalent examination from any Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education/Madrasa Education Board/Technical Educational Board in Bangladesh and must obtain at least GP 3.50 in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry individually and GP 3.00 in English in HSC/Alim or equivalent examination or obtain equivalent grade from Foreign Education Board.
  • If the candidate passed GCE ‘O’ level and/or ‘A’ level, s/he must pass in at least 5 subjects including physics, chemistry, mathematics and english with B grade in each at GCE ‘O’ level and must obtain minimum ‘B’ grade in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics individually at GCE ‘A’ level.


Department wise Seat Numbers:


  • Department of Civil Engineering -120
  • Depart of Mechanical Engineering – 120
  • Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering – 120
  • Depart of Computer Science & Engineering – 60
  • Department of Electronic & Communication Engineering – 60
  • Department of  Industrial & Production Engineering – 60
  • Department of  Urban & Regional Engineering – 60
  • Department of Lather Technology Engineering – 60
  • Department of Textile Engineering – 60
  • Department of Building Engineering & Construction Management – 60



Important Dates of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015:


Important dates of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here.

Admission Test Date: Will be coming soon


In 2013,

The Application taken start from: 23rd October, 2013
Last Date for Application: 5 November, 2013  
Date of Publication of Eligible Candidate for Written Exam: 12th November, 2013  
Written Test Date: 23rd November, 2013
KUET Admission Result 2013: 28 November, 2013  


How to Apply  for KUET Admission Test 2014-2015

Application form should be filled up properly through the assigned website ( and submit recent color photograph (approximately 300 x 350 pixel and at most 75 kB in size) and signature (approximately 300 x 80 pixel and at most 20 kB in size) of the candidate. It is recommended to submit both the photograph and signature in *.JPG format. Any writing or attestation on photograph is not permitted. No indistinct or distortion of signature and photograph is accepted. Note that photograph and signature of the applicant will be verified in examination hall.

After filling up the application form one can see the preview of the filled form by clicking ‘Preview’ button. If any information is needed to be corrected, one can edit the form by clicking ‘Update’ button.

If everything in the ‘Preview of Application’ is correct, one can finally submit the application by clicking ‘Submit’ button. If the submission is successful, the applicant can see the ‘Confirmation Page’ where the necessary instruction will be provided along with the 6 digit ‘Application No.’. Applicant should print and collect the printable PDF version of the ‘Receipt of Application’ which will be available through clicking the ‘Download of Application’ button.

Some applicants may be marked as A, T or P on the application for the following reasons:
A -> Passed in GCE ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level examination and from Foreign Education Board
T -> If the applicant is a Tribal.
P -> If there is a mismatch between the information provided by the applicant and information collected from the Education Board or the information in the Board is missing.

A PDF version of the application and ‘Receipt of Application’ marked with A, T or P will be generated automatically. Applicants of this category are requested to follow the instruction mentioned in Step. The application fee of Tk. 600 (six hundred) should be paid through SMS using Teletalk Prepaid Mobile.
The instruction of ‘How to send SMS’ is as follows:
Go to Teletalk Pre-paid Mobile Message Option and type KUET (space) Application Number and send it to 16222 number. Example: KUET xxxxxx where xxxxxx is the 6 digit Application No. of the Applicant.
If the SMS is sent successfully, the sender will receive a return SMS mentioning the applicant’s name, amount of application fee and a 6 digit PIN code and will be asked to pay the application fee.

If the applicant is agreed to pay the application fee, type KUET(space)YES(space)PIN code and send it to 16222 number. Example: KUET YES yyyyyy where yyyyyy is the 6 digit PIN code.

If the sender has enough balance in the mobile, the application fee will be deducted from the balance and will be notified by a confirmation SMS.

Money receipt collection: If applicants properly pay application fee by SMS and click “Applicants Login” link at ( then they login by application No. & Password. Then they should download the PDF version by clicking ‘Download Money Receipt’ and print this.

Necessary Documents of only A, T or P marked applicants:
A, T, P marked ‘Receipts of application’ holder applicants must download PDF version of online filled up application and print 2 copies (one side) in a4 size 80g (gsm) white offset paper.
Applicants must attach following documents and submit at Register Office before 14th October, 2012 at 5 am by applicants or Guardians of applicants. * Applications are not acceptable by post or courier.

1. Attested photocopy of certificate & grade sheet of SSC or equivalent examination.
2. Attested photocopy of grade sheet of HSC or equivalent examination or copy of tabulation sheet attested by Principal.
3. Printed “Money Receipt”.
4. Printed “Receipt of Application” & “Application Form”.
5. Tribal candidates must submit Certificates from the principal of college, Chairman of local township/ District Council/ Union Council and leader of tribal community for the prove of citizenship & tribal people.

Admit card collection:

After publish eligible candidates list for admission test candidates have to go this website: and click “Download Admit Card” link to download PDF file of “Admit Card” and print it to a 80gm offset paper. (Without “Admit Card” candidates are not allowed to attend Admission Test).

Candidates have to submit printed copy of online filled form, necessary documents to Registrar office (Who got “Receipt of Application” directed with A, T & P sign). Otherwise, submission can not be granted.

Incomplete & defective application will be rejected. If false or wrong information provided then application will be rejected also.
If need any assistance about online application form fill up feel free to contact Registrar office (PABX: +88-41-769468 Ext. 139)
Any information about admission, Email:




Checking Eligibility for KUET Admisstion Test 2014-2015

To check your eligibility click here.


Downloading the Admit Card of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015

 To download your admit card, click here.


Merit List of B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate)

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | KUET

Merit list of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. For result of KUET admission test Click here.


Waiting List of B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate) 

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | KUET

Waiting List of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. For result of KUET admission test Click here



KUET Admission Test Result has been Published:

Check your result from below:




Notice for B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate)

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | KUET

Admission Notice  of KUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. To see notice click here.




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RUET Admission Test Result |

RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 Result


RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 Result will be available very soon. All candidates along with their guardians are waiting for the result.


To see RUET result, check below:

Incoming Search Items:

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  • ruet admission test 2014 result
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RUET Admission Test Result, Info, Notice |

RUET Admission Test Result





B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate) Admission Test 2014-2015 Notice/Circular | RUET

Admission Notice/Circular of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 has been published here. To see notice click here.


In 2013,

Requirements for Admission:

1. Applicants must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
2. Applicants must have Grade Point 4.00 out of 5.00 in SSC or equivalent grade in equivalent exam.
3. Applicants must pass HSC or equivalent exam in 2014 from any Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board/ Madrasah Education Board/ Technical Education Board.
4. Applicants must have minimum “B” grade (GPA 3.00) in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and total GP 17.00 in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English



equivalent grade in equivalent exam from Foreign Education Institution, applicants must have twelve education year in Foreign Institution, in this case applicants must submit certified grade equivalent Numerical Value certificate form authority,


applicant must pass GCE “O” Level with B grade in 5 papers and GCE “A” Level with “B” grade in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Applicants only who passed “A” Level in 2014 can apply.


Department wise Seat Numbers:


The total number of seats in B.Sc. Engineering, BURP and B. Arch courses in the five faculties is 1000 of which 3 seats in Engineering and 1 seat in Architecture are reserved for the candidates from Chittagong Hill Tracts and other Tribal Areas of Bangladesh.



Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Mechanical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Computer Science & Engineering


Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering


Industrial & Production Engineering


Glass & Ceramics Engineering


Urban & Regional Planning




ArchitectUrban & Regional Planningure



Important Dates of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015:


Important dates of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here.


 In 2013,

Online Application Submission for RUET Undergraduate Admission Test for the session 2013-2014 will start on 22/09/2013 at 10:00AM. Further details will be available soon.


 Important Dates
Application Start th September, 2013
Application End th October, 2013
Admission Test 16th November, 2013



How to Apply  for RUET Admission Test 2014-2015

Application form can be submitted by the Tele Talk Mobile phone by sending SMS to 16222. Go to message option then write SMS.

SMS Format : RUET < space > First 3 Letters of Board (HSC)< space >HSC-Roll< space >HSC-Passing-Year< space > First 3 Letters of Board (SSC) < space > SSC-Roll< space > HSC-Passing-Year < space > Desired Group/ Unit Key word

SMS Example :  RUET< space > DHA< space >123456< space >2014< space >CHI< space >654321< space >2010< space >KA

The example is for SSC from Chittagong Board, HSC from Dhaka Board & Ka unit of RUET.


If every information is correct then after sending SMS applicant will get a SMS back with name of applicant, admission fee and a PIN number. After sending this SMS an acceptance will be required from candidates via sending SMS and the code for acceptance is-

SMS Format : RUET< space >YES< space >PIN NUMBER< space >MOBILE NUMBER [Any Operator]

SMS Example : RUET YES 123456 017********

and send this to 16222 number.

After sending acceptance SMS Tk.600 will be charged from candidate’s Mobile phone. If applicants has enough money in mobile phone then certain money will be charged and send a sms with a form number. Applicants must save the form number. 5000 candidate will be selected for admission based on total GPA in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & English in HSC. Roll no. will be informed to 5,000 selected candidates for admission by SMS & website instead of form number.


During the admission test applicants must bring attested two copies of passport size color photographs & applicants must write the roll no. back side of the photographs.


Tribal Quota applicants must add a extra key word (TRI) at last of the SMS.

Example: RUET(space)DHA(space)123456(space)2012(space)CHI(space)102030(space)2010(space) TRI
Forign students & GCE “O”/”A”- Level applicants could not apply by SMS, they have to download application form from RUET website Applicants have to attach application form with a pay order/demand draft of certain application fee under Chairman, Admission Committee, Sonali Bank, RUET Branch, Chittagong and must submit to Register, RUET, Raojan, Chittagong – 4349.


If applicants face any problem during registration, they should contact with Tele Talk customer care (1234).

If applicants will face admission related problem they should contact the following numbers: 01555555022.


Applicants can use Teletalk mobile phone for multiple application, applicants should give another mobile phone number (any operator -‘s) in the second stage of the approval for communication.



Checking Eligibility for RUET Admisstion Test 2014-2015

To check your eligibility click here.


Downloading the Admit Card of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015

 To download your admit card, click here.


Merit List of B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate)

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | RUET

Merit list of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. For result of RUET admission test Click here.


Waiting List of B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate) 

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | RUET

Waiting List of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. For result of RUET admission test Click here



RUET Admission Test Result has been Published:

Check your result from below:




Notice for B.Sc (Eng. & Arch) (Undergraduate)

Admission Test 2014-2015 Result | RUET

Admission Notice  of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 will be published here. To see notice click here.



Result of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 A unit:

For result of RUET admission test Click here

Result of RUET Admission Test 2014-2015 B unit:

For result of RUET admission test Click here


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