Friends and family numbers

F&F Procedures:


1. Dial *140#, select ‘FnF & Partner’ and follow instructions thereafter 2. SMS to8363 (8FNF) as follows:

To SMS Format Example
Add FnF numbers addFnF numbers
**(if you want to enter multiple numbers leave space between them)
add 018xxxxxxxx 017xxxxxxxx 019xxxxxxxx
Add Partner number PPartner Number P 018xxxxxxxx
Delete FnF and Partner number delnumber to be deleted del 018xxxxxxxx
To see current FnF and Partner list and status FnF
To know about the whole process Help


Notes: · Maximum of 3 numbers can be added as FnF with 1 SMS · Maximum 1 number can be added as Partner with 1 SMS · Maximum 1 number can be deleted from FnF and Partner list with 1 SMS · Each FnF & Partner number can be changed after 15days · SMS charges are applicable

robi Internet settings with IP address:

#robi internet:
Port: 9028,
apn: Internet,

##robi wap:
Port: 9028,
apn: Wap

Contact with customer relation officer



From mobile with same sim: 121
Fax: 88-02-9885463
Tel: 88-02-9887146-52 [/html]