Jahangirnagar University Admission Test Result

Jahangirnagar University admission result 2012-13 for All unit


In a short time Jahangirnagar University (JU) published result or merit list for admission test 2012-13 season all unit. www.juniv.edu the official website update all admission results and information.


At first published first (1st) merit list result and some days latter published weating list. all the candidate view there admission result by roll number. Selected candidate list viva voce and others information sent there postal address or update JU website.

Jahangirnagar University all unit A, B, D, E, F, D, G, H and C1,C2,C3,C4,C6,C7,C8 admission test result 2012-13 published not only same time or date but published different time. We are update all result info update here. So get admission test result different unit, visit regularly and connect us.

1. When published Jahangirnagar University admission test result 2012-13 ?
Ans : At this time admission test not end. When end all unit admission test then 5 to 7 days latter results out.

2. How to get admission test result by SMS ?
Ans : In this service provide by Teletalk SIM operator. So you can get about this subject more info by teletalk website.

3. How many different between merit list and weating list published ?
Ans : May be 5 to 8 days different update but we are unsure this date. plz visit JU website.

Admission test held in accordance with rules tracked nimnebarnita

1. In the 2012 – and 2013 siksabarse (C-units than) the unit-based admission test will be held. C-C1 to C9 unit for up to 9 separate sub-unit admission test will be held.

2. MCQ of the admission test will be accepted. Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheet method will be assessed. 0 for each incorrect answer. 0 (zero decimal two zero) can be deducted.

3. 60 questions and 60 marks will be tested (G, C5 and C9 except units). Testing time will be 1 hour. Options will answer every question 4.

4. Check before starting the test sheet (OMR sheet) to fill the 10 minutes time.

5. Admission test within 3 days of the end of the Unit Office will publish the results. Website www.juniv.edu/admission/ University admission test results and Faculty / Institute notice board will publish the results. Newspaper will not publish the results.

6. Students for admission during the original certificate and Academic Transcript, admission sheet, student pictures (Upload your pictures) and hand-written, and will be verified.

7. Minimum of 35% passing the written examination.

8. OMR sheet (Answer letter) under a sentence below the guidelines set in place a sentence in English, Bengali and manually enter.

9. E, F, G Unit News will be in English. All units have no other candidate can check the English language. The main unit of the candidates who apply for the consent should be a separate barabare white paper.

10. The unit is the additional 1000 / – (one thousand) to make payments to offset the specific certificate should be collected and the approval of the English language test.

11. New students should apply in writing to the office of the unit.

12. Uttarapatre Admission Test (OMR Sheet), including admission to the Roll Number of gharasamuha write in English.

13. Number distribution of unit admission.

(A) in the Faculty of Mathematical and padarthabisayaka Math 18, Physics 18, Chemistry 18, Bengali and English 3 3.

(B) the faculty of social sciences, Bengali 6, English 6, of 8, nrbijnana 8, 8 Geography and the Environment, Government and Politics 8, Urban and Regional Planning and administration 8 8 Number |

(C) in the Faculty of Arts and manabiki- Drama and Fine Arts Department natyatattba and 10 for Bengali, English 10, and practical thematic 0 0 number. 10 other sections Bengali, English 10 and 40 numbers corresponding thematic.

(D) in the Faculty of Biology  1 Chemistry, Biology The (plants 11, Zoology 11 b ¤ ^ i), Bengali, English, and intelligence of 10 and mathematics, statistics and computer education 7.

(E) in the Faculty of Business Studies – Bengali 5, 5 English, mathematics and IQ of 5 and 5 of the recent issues.

(F) Institute of Business Administration (IBA – jeiu) with: 5 Bengali, English at 0, Mathematical Aptitude and IQ at 5, and the recent analytical and verbal tests 5 of 5 numbers.

(G) Institute of Information Technology in the Math 30 and Physics 30 numbers.

(H) The Law Faculty Bengali 18, English 18, and recent issues and the intelligence of 4 |

J. Selection procedure for admission to the

(1) with the following number to obtain a written exam (at) – according to the rules described in the Higher Secondary examination results obtained by adding the total maximum number of seats on the basis of the maximum number of 10 (ten) times the students according to the merit list will be prepared. G, C5 and C9 unit’s final medhakrama the oral / practical examination will be published later.

(Ii) students passed the grading system / equivalent exam (the subject) obtained by gredake 3 and Higher Secondary / equivalent examination (the subject of) the quality of the results will be made available gredake 5.

(3) The high test matches and defend ‘and’ level and ‘A’ level students in the ‘A’ grade for GPA 5, ‘B’ grade for GPA 4, ‘C’ grade for a 3.5 GPA, ‘D’ GPA will be considered for Grade 3.

(4) Drama and natyatattba, Fine Arts Department and the IBA – jeiu all units other than the written test for 60 (sixty) and the number and Higher Secondary / equivalent exam marks obtained on the basis of a maximum of 40 (forty) by adding the total of 100 (hundred) number The results will be.

(5) Drama and Fine Arts Department natyatattba and 40 marks for the written test and the test number will be 0. Students required to pass the practical test instruments / music items / painting tools / decorator Dress with sbauddyage will bring. Any material other than paper and practical exams will be provided. IBA – (jeiu) 55 marks for written test and oral test will be taken 05 marks. With high and high / equivalent exam marks obtained on the basis of a maximum of 40 (forty) by adding the total of 100 (hundred) will be set to the number of results.

K. Written examination for admission to the 13-10 – and 01 from 1-10 PM – at between 01 and will be held. Detailed schedule of the admission of the newspaper and the website will notice.

L. Any student can take admission tests and asadupaya any stage it is diagnosed properly for one or more of the following will not be penalized in the

(1) A student studying in a letter to the Chief of the respective organizations will be notified.

(Ii) will be published in the Illustrated News.

(3) The police station will be filed.

(4) All units will be considered as canceled checks.

(5) that the admission or admission, his admission will be canceled.

Dr. Admission test students and their parents to participate and take the time to travel to the University authorities will not have any type of transportation.

N. Higher Secondary Examination will bring the time of admission with admission.

O. Admission test any matter related reserves the right to change the university authorities.

2012 -13 education at undergraduate (honors) classes have been held in the first year admission test. Five shift at the end of the test was to start at 9 am at the 5. Admission duration of 1 hour per shift.
The University has six faculties and two applications were submitted to the Institute of 220922. Archived almost 53 thousand more than that.

Today is the first day of admission in the ‘A’ unit test. ‘A’ Unit of the Faculty of Mathematical and Physics.

From 10.35 minutes to 9.30 minutes in the first siphate. The second siphate at 11.00 from 1 minute up to .05. The third siphate 1 .30 minutes from 1.35 minutes. Siphate the fourth minute from .30 up to 3.35 minutes.

Siphate fifth in 1031 from 10 in 5001 and 19 roll test in English medium and the other applicants afternoon from 4.00 up to 5.05 minutes.

The results of the tests will be published within the next three days. The website www. juiv.edu / admission / can be found at this address.

The other unit in the ‘D’ unit admission test Faculty of Biology will be held on Sunday 14 October. Also on Monday, 15 October aiaiti and social sciences faculty. Law and Business Faculty of Education on Tuesday 16 October. Wednesday 17 October IBA – jeiu and human Faculty of Arts and the Department of International Relations and Bengali test will be held.

Thursday, October 18, Faculty of Arts and Humanities Journalism and Media Studies, Music, Drama and Fine Arts Department and the 0 natyatattba and October of the same faculties in English, history and archeology of the admission test will be held.


What is the admission date of  Jahangirnagar University for 2012?

Ans: JU Admission Test 2012-2013 for honours programs in Jahangirgirnagar university in session 2012-2013 will be held from 13 October 2012 to 21 October 2012 except Fridays & 2th November 2013 to 9th November 2013.

Q: When I will get the Full Admission Circular of Jahangirnagar University for 2012-2013 session?

Ans: Soon, You will get the full Jahangirnagar University Admission Circular.

Q: When Will be the admission result 2012-2013 of Jahangirnagar University?

Ans: Dont Get tensed, When the Admisison notice 2012 get published, the admission test result of Jahangirnagar University will clearly estimated.

Q: I want to know about my eligibility for admission into Jahangirnagar 2012 -2013 session, how can i?

Ans: Pls See the post: Jahangirnagar University Admission Notice 2011-2012, this old circular will give a clear idea.

Q: What is the minimum requirements to apply for Admission 2012 of JU?

Ans: Eligibility for JU Admission 2012-13 Honors 1st Year:

  • Students who passed HSC or equivalent in 2011/2012 and having minimum GPA 3.0. are Eligible to apply
  • For GCE: students who passed minimum 5 subjects in ‘O’ Level in 2010/2011, must get minimum ‘B’ in 3 subjects and 2 subjects in ‘A’ Level, minimum ‘B’ in 2 subjects are eligible to apply.
  • Student who have passed SSC in 2009 and next year can apply.
  • Total GPA of SSC and HSC will be count with 4th subject.
Q: I have more query about Jahangirnagar admission 2012 , where i will ask?

Ans: You can make a call to the University: Telephone: PABX: 7791045-51