Bangladesh National ID card

Bangladesh National ID Card Code Secret

At present, Bangladesh Election Commission has added extra 4 digit in National ID and the length is

now 17.


17 Digit National ID contains:
First 4 Digit: Year of Birth
Next 2 Digit: District Code
Next 1 Digit: RMO Code
Next 2 Digit: Upazila Code
Next 2 Digit: Union/Word Code
Next 6 Digit: Personal Number

  • In old 13 digit National ID, first 4 digit (year of birth) was not present.

Old 13 Digit National ID contains:

First 2 Digit: District Code
Next 1 Digit: RMO Code
Next 2 Digit: Upazila Code
Next 2 Digit: Union/Word Code
Next 6 Digit: Personal Number


Voter List Updating News


National IDs from Wednesday(25-09-13)

Update: 19 Sep 2013

Those who have newly enlisted in the voter list will have their national IDs delivered to them at home starting next Wednesday.


The individuals included in the list in 2012 will receive their ID’s at home, the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) told reporters on Thursday.

They distribution will begin in Dhaka metropolitan area and then spread to other districts, said CEC Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmad.

The distribution of each card will cost the EC Tk 10.

There are 7 million new voters in the country following the 2012 update. The total electorate in Bangladesh is more than 92 million.

The EC updated the voter list from Mar 10 to Dec 15 last year. The final list of voters was released on Jan 31 this year.





New Voter Registration: Voter list updating is running.  If you are a Bangladeshi citizen, frequently lived in a area and before 1st January 2013 you are 18 or above but not register as a voter yet, you may register as a voter as per your local schedule time. At the time of enrollment you may need some papers for form-2 fill up like, S.S.C. or equivalent certificate, birth certificate, passport, driving license, TIN certificate, utility bill copy/house rent receipt/holding tax receipt, citizenship certificate and father-mother-husband/wife’s ID card photocopy. Some case they may need to fill up a special form for declared special areas.

Migration Of Voter Area: Those who already registered as a voter but need to migrate their voter area they may fill up Form-13 or Form-14 and have to send their concern supazila/thana election office. A photocopy of ID card have to attach with migration form.

Death Voter deletion: Inform to enumerator about death voter for deleting their name from active voter list by fill up form-12.

AFIS Re-registration: Some case enumerator may inform some people for AFIS re-registration, those finger print quality is below standard or nil, they have to re-registered their AFIS.

Undistributed NID Card delivery: Those voter register their but not yet received NID card enumerator will give their card at door step at the time of enumeration.

Mind it, those are register as voter only they will get National ID card


All Types of Registration Forms:


  1. Application for Registration of National ID Card Verification Service (জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্রের সঠিকটা যাচাইয়ের নিবন্ধন আবেদন)
  2. Application for Without Registration ID Card Verification Service (নিবন্ধন ব্যতীত জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্রের সঠিকটা যাচাইয়ের আবেদন)
  3. Application for Collect Dataset from National ID Card Database (জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্রের ডাটাবেস হতে ডাটাসেট গ্রহনের আবেদন) 
  4. Application for Statistical Report Based on Given Information (তথ্য-উপাত্তের ভিত্তিতে পরিসংখ্যানমূলক প্রতিবেদন পাবার আবেদন)
  5. Application for Information from National ID Card Database (পরিচয়পত্রের ডাটাবেসে সংরক্ষিত তথ্য-উপাত্ত প্রাপ্তির আবেদন)


National ID Wing (NIDW)
Islamic Foundation Bhaban (6th- 9th Floor)

Phone: 088-02-8126201



Get National and Voter Identification Card in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, only who is 18 years of old or exceeds this margin can get a Voter ID card. From last National Election the Voter ID card and The National ID card is the same card.

How to get a National ID/ Voter ID card for Newcomers in Bangladesh?

Who is being 18 years of old now can get their ID card during January and February months, when the Voter List will be updated. Server stations are being established in every sub districts in Bangladesh now. Creating voter lists and Distributions will be done from these stations. When these programs will be started the newcomers who are yet to have their cards can make their names in the list. If anyone 18 years of old wants to get their Voter ID card right now for emergency purpose like visiting or migrating to abroad for study, work or any other issues can do so by submitting necessary proofs and documents.
How to get National ID/ Voter ID card for Non Residents in Bangladesh?
The Non Resident Bangladeshi can get their national or voter ID card. To get the card they need to come to Bangladesh. They must have:

  1. Passports
  2. Arrival seals in passports
If they don’t have the passports, they need to show such documents which will prove them as they stayed in abroad.With necessary documents they will have to visit the Sub Districts or Thana Election Office. There they will be needed to fill up the forms for National or Voter ID card. Then they will have to go to the District Election Office having documents and forms. All necessary documents will be sent to the Election Commission from there by postal mail. But the person can come to the Election Commission himself after finishing all formalities in District Election Office. In Election Commission taking photos, eyes scanning, finger scanning will be done to ensure the privacy. Then they can get their National/Voter ID card after 15 days.

Contact for more information:
Islamic Bhaban, Agargaon (6th floor)
Phone: 8150846, 9116971,
Mobile: 01730020513, 01730020515